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An efficient and value-generating after-sales service

Initial Situation

Making eco-efficient thermal comfort accessible to all
The mission of Groupe Atlantic is to make eco-efficient thermal comfort accessible to all, individuals, companies and communities, while aiming for excellence in customer service through the use of the SAP Field Service Management (FSM) solution.


Ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty with outstanding after-sales service
The offer of Groupe Atlantic is a range of solutions to serve the thermal comfort of individuals, companies and communities: air conditioning, heat pump, radiator, etc. This activity underpins a strong focus on the quality of after-sales service, to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty: Availability of customer service and fast response times. This is why the group has opted for the SAP FSM solution, which has already been deployed in several European subsidiaries.


The choice of a solution that is both comprehensive and connectable
FSM allows a simplified and fast digital processing of service requests. The solution makes it possible to optimize the dispatching of technicians in order to assign the right profile according to the breakdown (expertise, geolocation). It also provides support to the technician during his intervention: Location of the equipment, inquiry of the stock for the required spare parts, etc. The technician can record comments such as the customer’s opinion or an identified future need, thus offering new lead opportunities.

In order to choose the right solution, we established a functional scope and it proved to be very appreciable that the SAP FSM solution is already natively very complete and rich in functionalities, without the need to go into customization. Another strong point is that the interconnection with our ERP was done very smoothly, thanks to our integrator, Coresystems A
Jérémie Sionneau, International IT Project Manager, Groupe Atlantic


Added Value

A system that adapts to the requirements of each subsidiary
“The subsidiaries of Groupe Atlantic each have their own requirements in their technician management model. The solution therefore had to be flexible enough to adapt to different contexts,” continues Jérémie Sionneau. In January 2018, the first subsidiary to deploy FSM was Switzerland, which manages 40 technicians internally. Then, in January 2020, it was the subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal, with a completely different way of working, since they have 150 subcontractors. The processes had to be adapted: For example, in Switzerland, technicians access information via a tablet, whereas in the Southern European subsidiaries, this is done via the Windows application on the computer, as the group does not have control over the equipment used by the professionals. This flexibility was possible thanks to the multi-platform aspect of the FSM solution. The next deployment will take place in Italy, in 2021, at a subsidiary that mixes these two management models, in-house and subcontracting.

The importance of having support during the integration phase
“Each integration raised a certain number of apprehensions that we were able to overcome thanks to the support of our integrator Coresystems. During the first deployment in Switzerland, this involved interfacing with our ERP and also the handling of a Cloud solution. For the following ones, it was the need for support to adapt to the functional specifications of each subsidiary,” explains Jérémie Sionneau. Relying on an expert in the solution also means the assurance of discovering and being able to take full advantage of all the functionalities because they have perfect knowledge of the solution. “The team of Coresystems was able to train us and share their knowledge with us so that we can now use the solution independently while remaining available for specific requests,” says Jérémie Sionneau.

The digitalization of customer service therefore allows the implementation of a value-added system for customers, with a fast and efficient repair service, for the technicians who are supported during their interventions, and for the company: increased fixing rate from the first intervention, customer satisfaction, image gain as well as up-sell opportunities at the same time.

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