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Service Customers Expect a Little Bit More Than Kindness

Our transition to digital communications has ushered in a level of anonymity and unaccountability that has made people less cautious about the consequences of words and deeds. It is time to spread kindness! Though practicing kind acts and gestures is something we all ought to strive for, customers expect a little more from the service industry. 

This is how field service providers are going above and beyond when it comes to exceptional customer service:

Timing is Everything

Every service technician knows the value of showing up on time, but the meaning of on time has shifted thanks to recent technological advancements.  Not only does it refer to an immediate real-time response to a customer’s issues. It also means an ability to predict problems and repair them before they have a chance to interrupt daily operations. The coupling of Internet of Things technology with machine sensors makes it possible for field service companies to detect problems in their early stages.  Field service management (FSM) software then notifies service technicians who provide predictive maintenance to customers in real-time, and in advance of system failures. In addition, FSM software can match the best-qualified and most conveniently located field service technician to the job. Customers who experience minimal interruptions to their business are thankful for it!

Knowledge is Key

Successful field service companies ensure that their service technicians are well-trained for the tasks at hand. That means regular training and staying up to date on products and innovations. However, it is impossible to know everything. That is why successful field service providers are combining FSM, IoT, and augmented reality to guarantee that field service technicians have access to all available corporate knowledge. Using their mobile devices, they can access checklists outlining the necessary steps for addressing common and recurring problems. They can also use their mobile devices to search a central knowledge database, which pools together manuals, field reports, and even training videos. Should this not be sufficient, field service technicians can use an augmented reality interface to seek advice and assistance from a more experienced offsite service technician. With all of these options, a first-time-fix rate is almost a certainty.

Sharing is Caring

Customers are no longer satisfied with knowing that a service technician is arriving. They want to know precise location and arrival times. With mobile tracking apps, it is possible for field service technicians to keep customers informed in real-time. This kind of security and reliability helps establish a trusting relationship. And customers who have confidence in your services are not only likely to return, they are also more likely to rely on you for all their service needs like, for example, regularly scheduled maintenance checks. Cross-selling is easier when there is an established record of dependability and service.

Back to Basics

One of the best ways to fix a problem is before it happens. Though predictive maintenance is an excellent way to keep on top of potential issues, personal contact can be just as good if not better. Pick up the phone and let your customers know that your business has a human face as well. At a time when digital solutions are becoming more widespread, an analog approach can be a welcome reminder of the value of face-to-face or voice-to-voice interactions. Some things are simply better addressed with a human touch.

So today, as you’re infusing your words and your deeds with a tad more kindness, remember what your customers need most from you. A happy customer is a loyal customer!