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How to Plan Your Field Service Resources More Efficiently

Field service software allows your business to run more efficiently than ever. With field service automation, you can plan your resources in a way that helps everything including dispatching and repairs run smoothly, and much faster. From the moment a customer calls in for a service appointment, you can streamline your field service processes with automation from the very beginning, allowing you to make the best use of all your resources. Your technicians and customers will thank you.

When Scheduling Service Calls

Using field service software, you can dispatch your field service technicians based on their skills, instead of scheduling based only on their availability. This is a better way to schedule your resources since it lessens the chances that there will have to be repeat visits for the same issue. The field service tech can see the whole schedule for the day on any mobile device and get alerted when there is an emergency or appointments have been rescheduled.

Keep Track of Contracts and Warranties

Field service software allows you to keep track of all your contracts and customer warranties so that you can avoid doing unnecessary repairs, giving away free services, or charging customers for service that was actually covered under their contract or warranty. You can also use the software to upsell and cross-sell products that would be complementary or beneficial to customer’s existing equipment. This also allows your field service technicians to become an important part of your sales force.

Reduce Driving Time

Using GPS routing, your field technicians can get to your customers faster and navigate around traffic or anything else that may prevent them from being on time for service appointments. Field service resources can also be planned smarter by scheduling appointments for the correct amount of time since information about the time it takes technicians to fix certain problems is gathered, so dispatchers know approximately how long it will take a tech to complete a certain task, and can schedule that tech accordingly.

First Visit Completion Rate

Sending a technician on a service visit multiple times to fix the same problem is one of the biggest wastes of resources in a field service business. Use field service software to eliminate return visits, and increase your first visit completion rates. With field service software, technicians will have access to complete customer history and are able to see what parts were broken and what parts are needed, and better anticipate what needs to be done to fix the machine correctly the first time.

Perform Better Diagnostics

Field service software makes preventative maintenance possible, since you’ll be able to collect complete data while on-site with the customer. And the quality of the data you collect will be better since it comes directly from the customer on site. You’ll also have access to inventory levels in the warehouse and on trucks to better allocate resources and parts for jobs.

Increase Productivity

If there’s a way to make sure your field service technicians are more productive, wouldn’t you take it? Workforce management software allows field service techs to complete more service calls. It minimizes repair times since there’s smarter dispatching. Technicians go through checklists that you’ve created to make sure they’ve completed all of the work tasks for a certain job, before they can move on to the next one, keeping them on track and productive.

Speed up Invoicing and Reports

It’s not efficient to have your field service workers juggling a lot of paperwork that they must carry with them and have customers sign, and then return it back to the office to have the handwritten data entered into the system. This process is slower for both the technicians and the back office administrative team. With field service automation, there’s less paperwork for your techs and the back office. Customers are able to sign off in the field, speeding up the process of generating service reports and invoices. Even better, all of this can be done using mobile field service software that lets data be entered whether the tech is online or offline. It’s a much more efficient process.