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Corecloud for Time

A seamlessly integrated effort and work time management solution for SAP Field Service Management.

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Corecloud for Time (C4T)

This solution is an extension to SAP Field Service Management and is designed to provide technicians with a smart way to evaluate actual versus target hours.

All data are centrally located in SAP FSM and are made visible via direct access in C4T.

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The technician logs into the application and receives an overview of the efforts and working times recorded by him ("time entries").

His target working time can be stored on 3 levels:

  • 1: on company level
  • 2: on person-level by a UDF
  • 3: on person-level by using the FSM Worktime Patterns

He gets to see a calendar, which besides the calendar information also shows graphically in the calendar if the technician has recorded too few time entries (red bar), appropriate time entries (green bar), or too many time entries (orange bar) or no time entries (no bar).


The time entries shown are entered directly in FSM, but can also be entered, edited and/or deleted in C4T.

Next to the calendar, the technician sees his time entries recorded as a percentage of the target working time per day, week, month or a period to be defined (as an example, a period of 10 days).

As soon as the technician clicks on a day in the calendar, he sees the details of the day. In the application, the technician can also directly enter and edit services (with the usual choices of activity, service type, date, time, etc.).


The technician closes his recorded time entries by selecting a period and using a function to close the time entries created there.

Only when the technician has completed his time entries, they are visible to the manager. The manager has a list in which he can view, reject or approve all technicians assigned to him and their time entries.



When rejecting, the technician receives a notification that he has to correct his time entries.



Only after the manager has approved the time entries, they are stored in the regular approval process of FSM and are transferred accordingly to a backend system as "approved".

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