Efficient Time Recording with ChronoHub

Effortlessly Manage Time Tracking and Compliance

Make Time Tracking Simple and Effective. 

Since May 2022, a new EU law requires companies to record the daily working hours of employees, including start and end times and breaks. Compliance is mandatory for all EU member states, with penalties for non-compliance. This makes time tracking even more essential to meet legal requirements and accurately track working hours. We have the matching solution for you to enable your employees to easily record and monitor their working hours, breaks, and absences while always offering transparency into the data.

Staying on Top of Things and Gaining Valuable Insights.  

With documenting the accrued working time, it is much easier to gain valuable insights into resource allocation and keep track of time recordings and efforts. This also leads to a more efficient process for submitting, evaluating, and authorizing time off requests and a simplified approval process.

Streamline Your Invoicing with Accurate Effort Tracking.

Effort tracking can simplify billing and invoicing by providing accurate records of time spent on specific tasks or projects. This enables more precise invoices and can help prevent under- or over-billing. Accurate effort management also streamlines the invoicing process, saving time and manual effort.

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ChronoHub - Explore the World of Time Tracking

ChronoHub simplifies time tracking and attendance management by eliminating manual timesheets and approval processes for you.


Simple Time Tracking


Easier Approval Processes


Web-Based Solution

Attendance Management Overview

Easy Billing Integration

Adaptable to Local Needs & Holidays

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EasyTime: Example of an Integration with ChronoHub

Our partner, Krämer Anwendungssysteme, has integrated ChronoHub with their solution EasyTime. EasyTime enables time recording with terminals without any  detours. Time entries are transferred to ChronoHub e.g. via transponder and a seamless integration into the ERP is guaranteed. This simplifies workflows and maximizes the productive time of your employees. 


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Looking for an easier way to manage your time recordings?

Let us help you streamline your time management process!

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