Coresuite Add-Ons

Elevate your Business Operations with Coresuite for SAP Business One

Customize your SAP Business One System and achieve your business goals with Coresuite. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition with insightful data analysis and reports. Automate workflows and streamline operations with the Coresuite Country Package, tailored to fit your business needs. Batch-print or email invoices, business partner statements, or any other document to your customer automatically. Thanks to easy search functions, you access important information within seconds.

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Coresuite Country Package Feature Overview

Explore new frontiers and take your business to the next level with Coresuite Country Package for SAP Business One.

Enterprise Search

Discover a universe of business information within SAP Business One in the blink of an eye.


The Designer has a range of document templates to increase efficiency. Use one layout for all marketing documents and define how documents are processed, all at the same time.


Accounting lets you track bank statements, charts of accounts, budget reports, and balances. Easily print reports and use dashboards for a quick overview of your accounting. With drill-down functionality, you can evaluate the profit center, distribution rules, or project level for a deeper understanding of your finances.


Customize your SAP Business One environment easily. No programming skills are required to use it - the module can deal with simple as well as complex customizations. Save every modification as a rule and export seamlessly to other SAP environments.


Easily develop your own, custom SAP Business One Add-Ons using C# with the proven framework, the basis for every module in the Country Package.

This year, we're improving our product's stability and performance, while making it available for the SAP Business One Web Client. Our goal is to ensure seamless operations and greater flexibility for our clients.
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Coresuite Country Package Extensions

The Coresuite Country Package creates the foundation for game-changing extensions, empowering your SAP Business One experience.

Coresuite Service

Run rules without SAP Business One started to control automated processes offline.

Booking Wizard

Automatically post accruals and deferrals and distribute costs to cost centers with the Booking Wizard, allowing you to create your own booking rules.

Your Add-On

Develop your own Add-Ons using the Coresuite Framework, compatible with any SAP Business One version.

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Other Coresuite Products

We continue to offer, sell and support these Coresuite products.

Coresuite Time

Simplifies your time tracking. This industry-independent system keeps your resources and projects under control. With ChronoHub, we offer now a cloud–based time tracking solution.


Coresuite Time will not be developed further but will be available for sales and supported until further notice.

Coresuite Cube

Coresuite Cube extracts valuable Sales, Finance and Inventory information from your data, delivering visually appealing analyses in an instant.

The Coresuite Cubes are only available for SAP Business One on SQL. All Cubes are available for distribution and will supported until further notice but will not be further developed.

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