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Each workshop can also be held individually on a date of your choice. In our workshop catalog, you will find the exact description of each course content. 

Workshop Catalogue

We could not have expected any better training.
Olli Kylanpaa, be one solutions APAC
Thank you so much. I learnt so much from the training. You facilitated excellently. This is all very new for me but I found I was able to follow along with great ease and complete the exercises well.
Dorothy Webley, SELELO
I was able to get a very good picture of the functional scope and configuration options of SAP FSM during your training and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedicated and competent work.
Wolfgang Hornung, Enowa AG
Much appreciated for the training. It was nicely presented and at a good pace.
Lester Hanger, SELELO
I would like to say thank you on behalf of Team Selelo for the great training provided on SAP Field Service Management! The sessions were perfect, the training was fun, very engaging and the information shared practical and applicable to real-world scenarios.
Carl Mouton, SELELO
I need to thank you, you made it very enjoyable and easy to understand for us.
Claricha Viviers, SimCura Business Systems (Pty) Ltd.
There is not anything that I would like to suggest for improvement from my side. The training is very detailed and will most definitely assist with future projects.
Bianca Mellet, SimCura Business Systems (Pty) Ltd.
I do not have a technical background at all, and thoroughly enjoyed your training course immensely. Really, I learned a great deal and think that the SAP FSM is a superb product. I can clearly see from a strategic point of view how SAP FSM will add significant value to our business going forward.
Erik Theron, Consolidated African Technologies Pty Ltd
Bernhard was a great teacher and a great trainer. He gave very clear and concise answers and questions. if he didn't know the answers to he immediately tried to find an answer or reached out to colleagues to find the answers. Really helpful and actually enjoyed it!
Aaron Walsh, Effective Computer Solutions
The FSM training was very well delivered, Bernhard explained everything very well and was friendly and accommodating.
Nik Kortlang, Orchard House Solutions Ltd