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Country Package

Efficient SAP Business One projects out of the box: Reporting, Accounting, Customizing and Search.

Country Package-round

Coresuite Cube

Your required analyses will be available in the blink of an eye, with a visually appealing design. Coresuite Cube is the tool you use to extract valuable information from your data.


Coresuite Time

Time tracking made easy. Coresuite Time is an industry-independent time recording system that keeps your resources and projects under control.

Coresuite Time

This part is in progress and will be updated shortly.


Please be aware that this is only an initial preview of our 2021 roadmap – it will continue to be developed and improved.

Planned improvements and New Features

This Roadmap displays only some of the highlights that we are planning to work on in 2021 – we are continuously evaluating our Partners’ and Customers’ Feedback and Incorporate it in our Release Planning. Check our Release Notes page to see what has been delivered in each Release.

Coresuite Country Package

C004 Coresuite Designer

Coresuite Designer

Coresuite Designer upgrade – We are currently working on upgrading the Coresuite visual designer (Sharpshooter) to a newer version. We plan to have the new version available in late Q2 2021.

SAP B1 10 Web client –  With the release of SAP Business One 10, SAP has released the new SAP Business One Web Client. We are working on making essential functionalities of the Coresuite Designer also available in the Web Client and plan to have this available in Q3 2021.

C004 Coresuite Accounting

SwissPayment & eBill

From now on our "payment wizard swiss" can also generate the PAIN file for AP invoices that were not added to the System using our "record payment slip" functionality. In addition, we have also extended the functionality that matches the Supplier from a received QR Invoice for generating the AP invoice via Record payment slip.

We are working on expanding our functionalities in the eBill & Swisspayment area and thus simplifying invoice processing even further. We plan to have some enhanced functionalities in Q2.

Coresuite Cube


We optimize the queries which lead to performance improvements of the Coresuite Cube in Q2 2021.


Coresuite Cube

Framework round

Our team is committed to working on continuous enhancements on the Coresuite Framework to further improve the performance for 3rd party AddOns which are built on it.


Coresuite Time

Coresuite Time

Coresuite Time Only Installer – We’re introducing a Coresuite Time only installation which enables you to use Coresuite Time on the SAP Hosted Cloud environment. Planned availability Q1 2021.

Billing Wizard & Subscriptions – We’re working on improving the Billing Wizard and adapting the newest features from SAP into Coresuite Time. A big step will be the revision of the Billing Wizard. We are working on offering a revised version of the Billing Wizard in Q3 2021. Another topic to be revised in 2021 will be the Subscriptions functionality.

Coresuite Time integration to SAP FSM
FSM Crowd – We’re planning to support the SAP Field Service Management Crowd functionality with Coresuite Time. Planned availability Q2 2021.

Coresystems Cloud Products

C004 Coresystems Cloud Products

We are currently working on new cloud products in conjunction with Field Service Management & SAP Business One. It is still a bit too early to share more information but we have in plan to integrate other Backend Systems with SAP FSM as well as to build a simple, web-based time recording for FSM and Business One – Stay tuned for more news at a later stage.


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