Health Science & Medical Equipment

Embracing Field Service to Manage Critical Medical Demands

Medical equipment manufacturers are contributing to longer and healthier lives. The market is growing, but it's competitive and regulated. To adapt, manufacturers are shifting from sales to services.

SAP Field Service Management helps provide excellent service in this industry and boosts efficiency and productivity for sustainable quality gains.

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Service Planning Made Easy

One of Ireland's leading laboratory suppliers, Medical Supply Company (MSC) counts on SAP Field Service Management to optimize their service processes and more.

Read how Medical Supply significantly improved its customer service with the help of SAP Field Service Management.

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6 Challenges in Field Service of Health Science & Medical Equipment Industry

1. Fierce competition

Third-party service providers offer the same services at a 30% lower price than manufacturers. They don't have to comply with as many requirements, which gives them a cost advantage. This issue is specific to the medical service sector.

2. Stigma on services

Manufacturers view services as an expense rather than a revenue opportunity, which will become problematic as machines last longer and require more maintenance instead of replacements.

3. Tracking inventory

Accurate and up-to-date inventory is crucial for quality performance in the health sciences and medical equipment industry due to the high turnover of consumables.

4. Critical uptime

In the medical sector, unexpected downtime can jeopardize patient safety, making the scheduling of routine maintenance and repairs more complex and critical to ensuring reliable service and uptime, unlike other industries where breakdowns mostly result in lost production and revenue.

5. High-level of security

The medical sector could benefit greatly from IoT's connectivity potential. Still, the need for data security when handling confidential patient records is higher than in many other industries.

6. Competitive pricing

Hospitals and healthcare facilities join purchasing groups to negotiate better prices for expensive medical equipment. Few enterprises can match the economic power of these groups.

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Want to shift from sales to services?

We help you manage your critical medical demand!

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