Become a Coresystems Partner

Why Become a Partner

Are you interested in becoming a Coresystems partner? You would like to resell our solutions to your customers or you are working on a prospect for SAP FSM? We'd love to hear from you and are pleased to explain the steps on how to become a partner of Coresystems.

Your customers are looking for a Field Service Management solution? You are interested in doing projects with SAP FSM? Become a certified SAP FSM partner at Coresystems now. You get trained and enabled in workshops to ensure you can sell, implement and support all the solutions you get trained for on the customer site. 


Certified FSM Partner of Coresystems

You have prospective customers for SAP Field Service Management and would like to be certified for the solution. 

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SAP FSM Demonstration

Make an appointment for a non-binding SAP FSM presentation.

Enablement Training

The enablement training lasts 3 days and includes the installation and configuration of SAP FSM. After the training, participants understand the FSM solution and are able to demonstrate the FSM process end-to-end.

  • Target group: Partners and SAP Consultants.
  • Following the training, it is required that at least 2 people from the company pass the final exam to become a certified partner.
  • You will receive an FSM Partner contract for the purchase of SAP FSM licenses by Coresystems AG
  • You take over the 1st level support for your customers
  • You receive leads for SAP FSM
  • You can use your own environment for demo purposes by acquiring a "Partner Demo Tenant".
Re-certification every two years

Re-certification is required every 2 years in order to keep your SAP FSM partner status with Coresystems.

VAR Partner for Coresystems Solutions

You are interested in becoming a Coresytems partner to resell our own solutions?

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Partner Program

Register for our Coresystems Partner Program and meet the requirements.

Enablement Training

You will be trained and registered for our workshops so that you are ready to sell, implement and support our products to your customers.

Coresystems Partner

You are listed as a Coresystems Partner and officially authorized to resell our products.

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