Cloud Security & GDPR

Enhanced Reliability, Compliance and Security

In case of GDPR noncompliance, data security breaches may result in fines of up to €20M or 4% of global annual revenue.

Coresystems and SAP prioritize security and compliance by ensuring GDPR compliance and providing transparency about security issues. The software's strict security policies and procedures are implemented across all aspects of the IaaS and PaaS infrastructure to maintain compliance with international security regulations.

Maximum Reliability and Security

Field service providers require access to large amounts of data, both in the field and in the back office, for the success of their business. SAP's Cloud solution offers open API and TLS encryption, allowing authorized personnel to safely access important customer, company, and product information anytime, anywhere. Continuous monitoring by SAP ensures fast incident resolution.

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SAP cloud offers:

  • Connect to multiple SAP systems: B1, ByD, ECC, S/4, CRM 7.0, C4
  • Easy API integration with any other ERP or CRM tool
  • Complete security with TLS encryption, 2-factor authentication, security groups, and firewalls
  • Logical separation of customer data on multi-tenant architecture with single ingress point
  • Continuous monitoring of secure infrastructure, apps, and data
  • Cloud security with AWS in Europe, USA, China, and Australia
  • Mobile encryption and federated identity
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan with automatic timeouts for unauthorized access avoidance

Security Procedures

Effective security requires more than just technical measures. Often, the weakest link is inadequate procedures and policies. Coresystems and SAP provide guidance and support to help you establish robust procedures that align with your company policies, enabling you to balance security with flexibility.

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SAP FSM lets you:

  • Control and limit access to authorized personnel
  • Define clear procedures and policies (such as BYOD policies and onboarding/outboarding protocols)
  • Customize procedures to adhere to internal compliance regulations

Protecting Personal Data

SAP prioritizes data protection and compliance with GDPR regulations. The SAP Field Service Management solution ensures customer data is protected and all necessary security policies are in place to meet legal security standards.

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  • Encrypted data storage at customer's location
  • Limited access to privileged accounts with full encryption
  • Classification of data into 4 types: RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, INTERNAL, PUBLIC with corresponding protection measures
  • Data cockpit for DPO with "Right to be forgotten" feature
  • Website providing info about DPO and data processing via privacy policy
  • Consent management feature to track customer consent overview
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