Crowd Service

Innovative and Human-Powered Field Service

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, companies that utilized subcontractors or crowdsourced labor reported a 17% improvement in first-time fix rates and a 19% decrease in response times (source: Aberdeen Group, 2019). This demonstrates the operational benefits of leveraging subcontractors and crowdsourcing in the field service industry.

IoT demands real-time responses from service providers, but the weakest link is often field service availability. SAP FSM offers a solution by providing a pool of crowd workers, including employees, partners, and freelancers, with the right skills available for the job. With AI tools and a mobile app, technicians can receive job notifications and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

Expand Your Workforce with a Crowd of Experts

Crowd Service enables you to leverage the talent within your business ecosystem and adapt your workforce to meet current demands in real time. It also offers the resources you need to accommodate new clients and business opportunities. By creating a pool of skilled service technicians from your employees, subsidiaries, partners, and freelancers, you can quickly find the right person with the expertise required for any given task.

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The benefits of Crowd Service:

  • Build your workforce from a trusted network of service professionals
  • Manage the skills and qualifications of service providers to ensure customers receive the best service
  • Expand your service area with a global crowd of qualified technicians
  • Grow your business, accept more jobs, and even assist other companies with resources



Offer AI-Powered Crowd Dispatching for Real-Time Service

Building an ecosystem by collaborating with business partners will help you quickly expand your company’s edge and your market. However, it is your customers that stand to gain the most since they will benefit from quicker and better service. Customer satisfaction will soar as customers’ service needs are addressed by local experts. In addition, you will be contributing to a sustainable business model by maximizing the potential of your ecosystem’s assets.

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Manage your Crowd in your Service Crowd Platform

  • Easily onboard partners and experts
  • Reach clients in remote regions without your own resources
  • Use transaction-based model
  • Access on demand
  • Collect data for analysis.

Crowdsource the Best Talents

The modern workforce is prioritizing independence, autonomy, and flexibility, with a growing trend of skilled workers seeking self-employment, particularly in the service and technology sectors. Additionally, many experienced professionals approaching retirement age still wish to contribute their knowledge on their own terms. Crowd services offer a solution to adapt to these shifting perspectives on employment, while also bridging the talent gap in field services. With crowd services, you can ensure access to a qualified workforce to deliver the quality service promised.

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