Customer Self-Service

Loyal Customers Through Outstanding
Service Experience

Office staff will have more time to attend to pressing business needs as they have 11% less calls and the amount of time spent on the phone is significantly reduced.

The Customer Self-Service app lets clients quickly and easily request service for their devices by scanning a QR code or serial number with their mobile phones. They can schedule field visits, order parts, and manage their installed bases with ease. This simplifies oversight of business partners and associated components for all devices, making the service experience more efficient and streamlined. Empower self-reliant customers and improve loyalty with outstanding service.

Stay Open for Business 24/7 with the Customer Self-Service Portal

The Customer Self-Service app allows customers to scan a device's QR code or unique identifier and choose between self-service options such as reviewing operational information, fixing the problem themselves, or requesting assistance from a remote support team. As a last resort, customers can also schedule a technician appointment through the app.

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How does SAP Self-Service Management work:

  1. Client scans device QR code or serial number with mobile device
  2. Client explains issue through Virtual Customer Assistant
  3. Client reviews self-service suggestions (FAQs/manuals)
  4. Client schedules a field service visit with technician, orders replacement parts, or requests product info
  5. Client can track technician or parts arrival in real-time



Enhance the Customer Self-Service Experience

In addition to diminished wait times for service and assistance, customers are provided with a transparent overview of the entire service process. From the moment they make a service request, they can review everything on their mobile devices: troubleshooting, remote service, scheduling, tracking is also possible. And your Customer Service center also wins! With time-consuming tasks like appointment coordination and basic requests handled by the Customer Self-Service application, they can focus instead on providing excellent support.

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Make service better for customers and your customer service team with:

  • SAPs self-service portal available as a mobile web application
  • Dialogue-based virtual customer assistance
  • An opportunity for selecting possible field service dates depending on availability
  • Status updates in real-time



Connect Your Installed Base to the Internet without IoT

While IoT is ideal for newer devices with sensors that can transmit data, the Customer Self-Service app can connect all your older devices for real-time service. Our information resources can incorporate all relevant device data, even if they don't have state-of-the-art sensors.

Maintain an Overview and Access Your Data Through Self-Service Portal

  • Item numbers
  • Serial and lot numbers
  • Revision history
  • Current service status
  • Location of device
  • Technical and administrative contacts
  • Warranties and installation dates

Ensure Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time ETA and Notifications

The Customer Self-Service app uses text messaging to provide customers with regular notifications and ETAs, keeping them informed and in the loop. With this level of transparency, customers feel valued and are more likely to be loyal to your company.

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