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Consistently benchmarking service performance is a practice adopted by 67% of Best-in-Class companies.

The field service Dashboard enables managers to monitor and analyze KPIs in real-time, providing actionable insights into the field service data such as department, team, and employee performance. Customizable reports offer transparent and valuable data on services, revenue, consumption, and inventory, facilitating crucial business decisions for a competitive advantage in field services and a better understanding of your business processes. By analyzing customer data and with a complete view, you can effectively grow your field service operations.

Real-Time Measurement of Field Service Data

An extensive overview of field service metrics is provided by the Analytics Cockpit, resulting in added business intelligence and corrective actions. This valuable insight enables recognition of what is working and what can be optimized, leading to increased customer satisfaction and added profitability in your field operations.

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Real-time metric monitoring enables:

  • Easy identification of problem areas
  • Accurate measurement of productivity and revenue
  • Transparent performance overview
  • Sorting of urgent customer requests with priority
  • Creation of standard and customized reports
  • Simplified compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Clear identification of KPIs
  • Improved customer satisfaction



Gain Key Insight with Dynamic Data

Management solutions need to be flexible and adaptable as every industry and company relies on its own unique set of KPIs to monitor success and costs. The Analytics Dashboard is customizable and offers Integrated Analytics to make sense of the real-time data of your field service.

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Advantages of using SAPs Analytics Dashboard:

  • Consolidated business data hub
  • Customizable and configurable software
  • Enhanced graphical reports
  • KPI overview
  • Access to Dashboard and dynamic reports on field service mobile app and desktop

Real-Time Cloud Printing Solutions

With real-time printing linked to cloud solutions, field service technicians can instantly print or send reports and invoices to customers after completing a service visit. Generating and printing service and status reports on-site enhances overall company productivity and customer contentment.

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Cloud data enables more real-time services:

  • Generate service report on-site
  • Fill and print order form for equipment and services
  • Automatically review and upload reports to ERP for invoicing



Customize Your Field Service Dashboard and Service Reports with Drag-and-Drop Designer

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to create a dashboard and reports in the system unique to your business and needs.

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