Field Service Knowledge Management

Employee Knowledge is Key to Exceptional Customer Experience

Our customers reported in a survey decreased service costs by an average of 8%.

By gathering important information such as documentation, product manuals, and video tutorials, as well as insights from experienced technicians, businesses empower their workers with the know-how needed for success. Checklists and shared expertise further improve productivity and ensure the highest quality standards. This results in increased employee and customer satisfaction, as well as reduced return visits and no-shows through improved product and information management.

Smartforms: The Solution to Boosting Productivity and Providing Quality Service

Smartforms ensure a uniform level of expertise during service visits by being customizable to include all company and product knowledge while remaining easy to create.

They also help standardize processes, adhere to EHS (Environment, Safety, and Health) standards, and seamlessly integrate with ERP systems through an open API.

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Field service Smartforms are like a script for how to provide the best service:

  • Create checklists easily with drag-and-drop feature
  • Checklists stay up-to-date with automatic revision
  • Optimize processes by providing best plan of action
  • Connect to ERP systems for constant access to important manuals and documentation



Use Dynamic Smartforms to Empower Your Service Technicians

Field service technicians often work independently, but they don't have to rely solely on their own knowledge and experience. With the help of Smartforms and file libraries, they can access key information and expertise needed to provide quality service.

The use of dynamic checklists enables workers to be more efficient and effective, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Dynamic Smartforms offer the following key benefits:

  • Real-life data provides guidance and instruction
  • Access to customer and product data, manuals, and videos
  • Flexible structure for any industry
    Improved first-time-fix rate with knowledge access
  • Secure data handling with security checks
    Information on tools, parts, and qualifications
  • Technicians well-prepared for the job



Improve Service Excellence and Efficiency with Shared Knowledge

Smartforms enables consistent views of the field by capturing and applying information from customer interactions to business processes. Your field employees have access to these checklists both online and offline, ensuring accurate first-time responses for your customers.

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Easy accessibility for your data:

  • Online/offline access to data & smart forms for technicians to work anywhere, anytime
  • Accessibility for all, including service technicians, back-office staff, and management
  • Harmonious collaborative work
  • Transparent field service supply chain
  • Streamlined communication without constant requests or disruptive phone calls

Unlock the Power of Field Service Technician Knowledge

Skilled and trained service technicians are crucial for company success and customer satisfaction. Checklists / Smartforms enable employees to enhance their performance by sharing field insight with back-office personnel. This information can also be linked to CRM software to promote cross-selling and up-selling.

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Smartforms make it possible to:

  • Gather valuable data for future use
  • Enhance cross-selling and upselling by alerting back-office about customer needs
  • Reflect on completed jobs for key learnings
  • Offer remote support via augmented reality



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