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How does Field Service Management software reduce costs and increase revenue?

Field Service Management software encompasses the benefits of the digital transformation to improve the field service management experience. By relying on automation to allocate resources, it allows for more efficient and effective service organization, faster invoicing, optimized reporting, and the perfect distribution of your workforce. As a result, your technicians and engineers can not only respond quickly, they can also guarantee a much higher first-time-fix rate. This rapid response to service requests has a positive effect on your revenue streams which means a swift ROI. In addition, you’ll always be sure to meet your Service Level Agreements, which means greater customer satisfaction and minimized costs.


Chief Executive Officer
How does an Field Service Management solution support your company strategy?

The main goal of a CEO is to prepare the way for the company’s future in a challenging environment with many different stakeholders. The CEO identifies new and valuable business areas by always focusing on customer needs. CEOs need to prove that the company has a holistic strategy to master digitalization, excel even more at satisfying customer needs, and remain competitive. Shareholders and the Board of Directors expect positive results: so their focus is on profits and sinking costs. That is why the Field Service Management provides the structure, metrics, and analytics CEOs need to hone in on the best strategy, one that steers company development in the right direction and is future-oriented.

Field Service Software increases efficiency, boosts revenue and customer satisfaction, reduces cost and has a positive impact on all business divisions.

Chief Operating Officer 
How do COOs use Field Service Management software to monitor quality and ensure their competitive edge?

The main goal of any COO is to guarantee quality and a competitive edge. In a fast-paced market driven by the constant changes resulting from digitalization and servitization, quality is measured by equipment performance. Increased customer expectations resulting from IoT and predictive maintenance are creating new challenges that can only be met with a field service solution. Reports and analyses that track and improve the deployment and utilization of resources coupled with preventive maintenance, which can result in substantial savings and limit costly production standstills by optimizing machine performance, let COOs hone in on ways to continuously improve all operational areas across the board.

Chief Financial Officer
How can CFOs optimize cash flow with a Field Service Management solution?

Field Service Management software lets you integrate to different Backend-Systems. This then lets you view all data from a single location, maintain an overview of contracts, enable fast invoicing, and optimize cash flow. Plus, the efficient deployment of personnel leads to higher sales and lower costs. This leads to a rapid ROI.

Aftermarket Sales Manager

Customer care and loyalty are amongst Aftermarket Sales Managers' most important concerns. Therefore, communicating with field service technicians is essential as it fosters opportunities for cross-selling and upselling in connection with service requests.
A Field Service Management solution makes it possible to alert back-office personnel about customer needs i.e. upgraded devices, new service contracts. 

Head of Service / Customer Service / Field Service
What KPIs can the Head of Service measure and optimize with a Field Service Management solution?

Field Service Management software lets the Head of Service review and optimize service processes and operations and automate scheduling. Managers have access to real-time information including resource locations and field service performance. It also leads to a higher first-time-fix rate, allows for efficient productivity measurement, facilitates the generation of reports and statistics, makes it possible to guide and train employees using digital tools, and ensures high-quality. Field Service Management tools are also geared towards customer satisfaction, improving the customer experience, and empowering customers to address their own service needs themselves.


Head of Human Resources
How does the Head of HR boost employee satisfaction with advanced work tools and processes?

In order to retain talented employees and be an attractive employer, you need tools that facilitate your employees' tasks, so that technicians and engineers can concentrate on what really matters instead of sifting through cumbersome stacks of paper. A modern work environment is becoming an ever more important criterion for selecting the perfect employer. That is why HR must also contribute to the modernization of the company and employee satisfaction. Field Service Management software solutions like accurate work time tracking and tools for improving employee safety are making companies all the more appealing. 

Chief Information Officer
How do CIOs ensure that an FSM solution is optimally integrated into the company's IT infrastructure and in compliance with the highest security standards?

CIOs are responsible for the IT infrastructure. As such, they want to ensure that all employees can work as effectively as possible. Part of this means making sure that all security standards and compliance requirements are being met. CIOs make sure that the Field Service Management software is compatible with the company's current infrastructure and can be integrated with ERP and CRM. Integration, thanks to open APIs, boost efficiency as everyone has access to important data like inventory, customer data, etc. – online as well as offline.

Digital Transformation Officer
Why does the automation of field service fit perfectly into a company's new digital strategy?

There is currently a massive shift occurring away from paper and towards new digital business opportunities. This makes the Digital Transformation Officer a crucial player in improving current business models. Not only do they examine new possibilities, analyze current processes and devise the best strategies for digitalizing them, but they also do all of this while taking into account the entire company structure and procedures. This makes a mobile field service solution ideal because it can be integrated into the company's existing ERP. Integration with CRM is also possible and necessary because all processes must be customer-oriented.

Head of IT Projects / Head of Applications / Business Development
How can a Field Service Management solution be implemented across all levels of the enterprise?

The main focus for the Head of IT is the roll-out of the software. Depending on the size of the company and industry, it makes sense to have a pilot phase to test the software and adapt it to the company's explicit needs. The balancing act is to define the processes that will be applied in the software as there are different and sometimes conflicting interests of Field Service Management software users.
Usability is paramount. Employees should experience any new mobile solution as a benefit and aid, not as an added and tedious step. 

Better overview, More Structure, Closer Connections, and a Little Magic.



  • Service is not a function of one team or one division. Field Service Management consolidates vital customer and business information across the board so your entire organization can focus on providing the best possible service experience. Learn from your customers. Today’s economy is customer-driven. Establish feedback loops to gather data and improve products and services.
  • Measure and benchmark the performance of your service team. Field Service Management makes it easier to track excellence (customer satisfaction and actual field tasks), eliminate shortcomings, and find potential areas for improvement.
  • Find out what motivates your service team. Knowing what matters to them lets you design a Field Service Management solution that is in line with the operational metrics of the organization. Celebrate their core moments and learn from them.
  • Train your sales reps on the value of service. Field Service Management not only helps you help customers, but it also offers opportunities for valuable upselling and cross-selling.

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