Field Service for Technicians

Mobile Application Empowers Field Service Workforce

Don’t undervalue your field service teams

Field service technicians are critical to delivering high-value customer service. SAP Field Service Management empowers technicians to create positive customer experiences and change the perception that they are just "grunt workers".

How to empower your field service technicians?

Equip field engineers with SAP FSM to exceed customer expectations. The software offers real-time customer data, equipment history, and required forms and parts, enabling technicians to arrive fully prepared and get to work right away.

With this level of preparedness, customer satisfaction rating increase, sales goals, and quotas are met and even exceeded, and technicians excel at their jobs.

Give your service technicians what they need to succeed

FSM empowers technicians to excel at their job by providing them with a user-friendly interface that minimizes training time.

Technicians can access all the critical information they need in a single application, including schedules, service routes, and customer requests. E-forms and checklists eliminate the need for cumbersome paperwork, allowing technicians to upload reports and enter work time and expenses on the spot. This results in increased customer satisfaction ratings, repeat orders, and loyalty.

How can your field service team boost your revenue?

The FSM solution saves time, increases customer loyalty, and boosts turnover. Technicians can access customer data on-site to recommend service agreements, upgrades, and products.

They can connect with the sales team to increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and provide customers with real-time information and advice, making them more likely to return to you for all their needs.

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Benefits of Field Service Management Solution

Improved efficiency and productivity

Efficient and automated field service operations

Increased customer satisfaction

Sustainable strong customer relationships

Allow highest possible quality of service calls

High satisfaction of own service employees

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