Seamless Integration of Field Service

Connect Everything Seamlessly with SAP Cloud's Open API

Use 3rd party integrations like SAP's’ API to quickly integrate your infrastructure, CRM or ERP systems or develop your own tools on top of our powerful cloud platform.

Cloud's open API makes it easy to connect everything. You can integrate your ERP, CRM, accounting systems, web services, transfer files, or any third-party systems quickly and securely. It doesn't matter where your data is stored. With the ability to enhance our environment with new solutions, the smooth flow of data between software, apps, subsidiaries, partners, employees, equipment, customers and machines will improve communications and business processes.

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Boost Efficiency for Complex Organizations with SAP FSM's ERP Integration

Integrating your technological infrastructure is crucial for maximizing its value and minimizing costs. Your ERP, CRM, and services must communicate with each other to avoid working in isolation.

By connecting your FSM and ERP/CRM, your entire team can access and utilize critical data, including inventory and customer information, to gain insights and make real-time decisions that boost productivity, improve performance, and enhance the overall customer service experience.

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Connectable with:
  • SAP B1
  • SAP ByD
  • SAP CRM 7.0
  • SAP C4C

Connections to other (non) -SAP ERP/ CRM Systems are possible.

Benefit from Our Robust and Flexible Integration Strategy

When initially designing Coresystems’ open platform, we wanted to create a product that allowed for the simple integration of any system with the Cloud. SAP is continuing this target. That is why SAP based its API on the business standard REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture.

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The integration strategy:

  • Uses REST architecture, the API web-based standard
  • Utilizes JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to transmit data objects
  • Enables easy integration with ERP and CRM systems

Configure and Customize your FSM with Data Management

The Master Data Management app allows you to import and manage your master data through an easy-to-use interface without scripts or programming skills.

Additionally, the Master Data Management module enables you to customize and configure the elements displayed on the mobile application user interface.

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Start customizing you FSM:
  • Connect FSM with ERP/CRM or use as a stand-alone software
  • Manage synchronization and errors with SAP Cloud and ERP connector
  • Use Data Loader to download/upload master data templates and update existing data



Connect to IoT Platforms and Create Your Ecosystem!

The rise of IoT devices presents new integration opportunities for Field Service Management. By accessing real-time sensor data, we can continuously analyze devices, quickly detect anomalies, and react in real-time, resulting in reduced repair times and zero downtimes.

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Want to ensure seamless information flow?

Let's work on a smooth flow of your data together!

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