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The Mobile Technician

Connect the Field to Customers, Peers, and the Rest of your Company

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The I-know-where-to-go-moment.
Make it a core moment.

Give your field service technicians the power of SAP on their own mobile devices with the SAP FSM iOS, Android and Windows apps. The apps let you seamlessly integrate your back office enterprise resource management (ERM), customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting applications. That means your technicians can access all the essential information they need while on the go – online or offline. Working in real-time will save you valuable time and help your business thrive.

Providing the best in customer service just got easier with mobile apps.



Respond to changes with significantly more flexibility. Technicians can remotely retrieve and adjust service reports at any time.


Time on site

Faster and more efficient service means less time on site and happier customers.


More Leads

Customers report an increase in on-site lead generation of 60%.


Let Mobile Field Service Apps Drive Your Service Operations

Coresystems had customer satisfaction in mind when designing initially the mobile field service app, which is owned now by SAP. By linking your field service technicians directly to essential business and customer information, you give them access to everything they need on the go. With a quick glance at their mobile phones, they can review: customer histories, part availability, process checklists, and more. Not only does this increase the first-time-fix rate, but it also increases speed, consistency, and efficiency. And this leads to happy customers!

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SAP mobile field services app offers:

  • on-the-go availability of important customer data
  • an increased first-time-fix rate thanks to readily available critical field service information
  • access to uniform checklists which ensures consistent response and repair
  • real-time GPS tracking for customers to stay informed about arrival times
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling opportunities thanks to a seamless connections between field service technicians and sales

Boost Employee Satisfaction with a Technician-Designed Solution

Coresystems joined forces with experienced service technicians to develop the user interface and functionality of our app. Using Google Material Design, we focused on creating the best user experience. We built an application that empowers users on the field and in the back office by keeping them informed of vital processes. SAP continues this path with SAP FSM now. The seamless integration of your ERP helps everyone maximize their sector’s potential. And that leads to reduced costs and increased productivity.

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Managers and employees all stand to gain thanks to:

  • reduced costs and less mistakes due to streamlined operations and guided workflow
  • little-to-no learning curve for end-users
  • real-time information and updates for field service technicians and back office workers
  • data being shareable with the whole team
  • real-time performance metrics
Field Service Software App Offline Mode

Offer Your Customers the Best Service Performance Regardless of Connectivity

Don’t let connectivity get in the way of a job well done. With the SAP field service app, you have access to all the essential data you need regardless of your wireless or mobile connection. This ensures that you can provide the same level of quality service in every corner of the globe. This is not only a relief for service technicians who rely on this data to complete a service visit.

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Everything you need to complete your work:

  • look up customer, product, invoicing information
  • follow checklists to ensure standard procedures
  • complete data entry
  • capture signatures
  • create service reports
  • Use offline synchronisation and submit all relevant data to back office ERP and CRM once an Internet connection has been established
Field Service Software Mobile App Health Safety Security

Establish A Culture of Safety in Field Service

Both environmental and health and safety oriented practices (EHS - environment - health - safety) need to be in place. SAP FSM gives you the tools you need to make life easier and safer for service technicians – also offline!

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  • Give technicians constant access to EHS relevant documentation like MSDS, lifting plans and company regulations, online as well as offline.
  • Improve awareness and identify risks on site by implementing mitigation actions
  • Plan inspections and audits, provide training, and keep track of mitigations actions
  • Allow technicians to generate feedback related to EHS (tools, quality, documentation, site condition)
  • Capture incident data in order to generate EHS KPIs and facilitate case resolution

All-in-one Field Service Software for your entire team.
Make it a core moment.

Crowd Service

Coresystems and SAP have pioneered 'Crowd Service' – which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find available field service technicians in real-time.

Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software

Great field service no longer revolves around reacting to a failure. With our intuitive technology and enhanced processes, you can proactively manage field resources, and be better prepared to resolve your customer issues in advance of failures.

Field Service Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Delivering exceptional service is tougher today than it's ever been. With analytics, you can make your service more efficient, effective, and more closely aligned with your customers' needs.

Customer Self-Service

SAP's Customer Self-Service Portal is a knowledge base and customer portal all in one. With the easy-to-use code scanner function, your customers can quickly access product or equipment information or initiate service calls in a more efficient manner.

Field Service Knowledge Management

Customer satisfaction begins with employee expertise. With Smartforms, you can ensure that your employees have the insight and information necessary to deliver high-quality service in any situation.

Work Order Management Software

Great service means being in the right place at the right time. With Workforce Management Material you can link parts to warehouses in real-time, so your field service technicians have a better chance of getting it right the first time. You can also track service vehicles for improved resource management and response times.

Mobile Field Service Management Software & App

Customers demand a level of service which is difficult to execute in paper form. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which organizations operate in the field in this age of the empowered customer.

Integrations and Cloud

SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS application, yet offers seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications. Best of all, FSM comes ready for 3rd party integrations with its powerful API.

Security and GDPR

Understanding security, GDPR and personal data definition are critical for business compliance. SAP  will take any action necessary to ensure that we handle customer data in compliance with applicable law.

We had three different databases not talking to one another; there was no integration. Engineers were using handheld written sheets. We realized we needed to have a better solution.
Steve Bray, Finance Manager

Perfect moments are core moments.

Best-in-class companies have transformed their service organization by focusing on the customer. Coresystems helps you to make every part of your service process more human and efficient - from first contact to happy customer and beyond.

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