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Imagine you are a field service organization with $50 million in annual revenue. 50% ($25 million) of the revenue is generated from service calls ($25 million).
The current first-time fix rate is 80%, meaning that 20% of the service calls require a second visit from a technician.
Increasing the first-time fix rate by 1% to 81% would lead to a 3% increase in service profitability, translating to an increase of $750’000.

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Are You Already a First-Time Fixer?

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More than 93%

Wow - you must be a client of Coresystems already! You are definitely doing a lot of things right. We want to exchange ideas with you and have a conversation among experts - are you with us?

Between 75% - 93%

You're already doing a lot of things right, but there's more: You want to stay ahead of your competition. Make improving your first-time-fix rate your top priority and we'll support you along the way. 

75% and below

While you are reading your result here, you are burning money, your client and employee satisfaction is sinking. So, do you leave outstanding service to the competition or do you take on the challenge? We believe you love challenges as much as we do. 

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Unite Forces to Blast off Your First-Time Fix Rates

InsightLoop is here to help you save costs. We do this by tracking your key performance indicators and highlighting where things could be more efficient. We aim to make this process simple by presenting clear, actionable insights. So you can focus on guiding the rocket where it needs to go.

We focus on key performance indicators and address common challenges that impact them.

See how InsightLoop can help you:
Remote Repair – Overcoming Limited Equipment Knowledge


The interactive chatbot allows your technicians and clients to search a dynamic catalog of symptoms and their root causes. Find the root cause and know what parts are required to fix the issue, right, the first time.

Breaking the Cycle of Multiple Visits Due to Inadequate Parts



The Dispatcher Assistant tool helps to find the likely root cause and the parts required. It provides more context for your technicians before they arrive onsite.

Optimizing Service Efficiency: Addressing Machine and Part Failure Trends



The Insight Service Dashboard integrates with your various backend systems and provides you with a holistic overview of trends in the field.

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Partnering for Success: Our Collaborative Approach to Empower Your Journey

Our expert team guides you through each phase of the process, starting with a thorough data exploration to understand the quality of your data and identify any areas for improvement.

From there, you’ll begin to see the benefits of our powerful platform as you see your KPI’s visualized, providing you with the platform to make data-driven decisions and optimize your service operations.

Share the insights with your team and empower them to use the power of the field data they generate to elevate your customers' service experience. With our support, your whole team can unlock the full potential of your company and take your service to new heights.

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