Unleash the Power of Data with InsightLoop

Efficiently Identify and Solve Service Pain Points

What challenges are you facing in the world of service?

Overwhelming amount of service requests? Insufficient information and a constrained process overview? Suboptimal knowledge management tools? Skilled workforce shortage? Underutilized experience?

InsightLoop is here to assist you through each stage of your service process.

Service Request
Self-Service Assistant for clients
with troubleshooting requests.
Assisted guidance for agents
dealing with complex queries.

Streamlined planning with precise task
estimations and spare parts prediction
prevents task delays and increases
first-time fix rates.

Field Work
Empowered field workers
with access to a dynamic catalog
of root causes and supporting

Optimized documentation
through the automatic generations
of reports for efficient
record keeping.

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Unite Forces and watch your First-Time Fix Rates Take-Off

InsightLoop assists customers, agents, and field service technicians throughout their service journey, saving time and costs while delivering a stellar user experience at every touchpoint.

See how InsightLoop can help you:
Immersive Assistant: Tapping Knowledge From Documents and Past Cases​


The immersive assistant, powered by a service GPT, helps in troubleshooting requests and accessing relevant information for efficient problem-solving.

Service Dashboard: Comprehensive Insights Into Field Service Trends



The Insight Service Dashboard integrates with your various backend systems and provides you with a holistic overview of trends in the field.

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Results You Can't Ignore

Imagine you are a field service organization with $50 million in annual revenue. 50% ($25 million) of the revenue is generated from service calls ($25 million).
The current first-time fix rate is 80%, meaning that 20% of the service calls require a second visit from a technician.
Increasing the first-time fix rate by 1% to 81% would lead to a 3% increase in service profitability, translating to an increase of $750’000.

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Partnering for Success: Our Collaborative Approach to Empower Your Journey

Our expert team guides you through each phase of the process, starting with a thorough data exploration to understand the quality of your data and identify any areas for improvement.

From there, you’ll begin to see the benefits of our powerful platform as you see your KPI’s visualized, providing you with the platform to make data-driven decisions and achieve service operations excellence.

Share the insights with your team and empower them to use the power of the field data they generate to elevate your customers' service experience. With our support, your whole team can unlock the full potential of your company and take your service to new heights.

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FAQs InsightLoop

Discover more about InsightLoop as we tackle the most frequently asked questions in this section.

What is InsightLoop, and how does it support the service process?

InsightLoop is a web-based platform with an immersive assistant that works with your data systems. It uses generative AI to uncover insights, supporting your teams in different stages of the service process. This saves time and ensures an exceptional customer experience.

How does InsightLoop improve customer service?

InsightLoop connects to your service portal, letting your customers easily access resources and information. It acts like a smart service assistant that proactively helps customers find the right and latest info, making their service smoother and more efficient.

How does InsightLoop help service and call center agents?

InsightLoop acts as a service companion for agents, aiming to provide vital context, learning, and support. It cuts down on search time for issue diagnosis, document retrieval, and accessing pertinent info. This efficiency means agents spend less time hunting for data and more time focusing on customers, resulting in higher service quality and customer satisfaction.

How does InsightLoop support field technicians?

InsightLoop integrates with your service system, enhancing service tickets with relevant data. This boosts technician readiness and improves first-time fix rates by predicting onsite needs. Technicians can access historical cases, find documents, and request ticket summaries, optimizing their efficiency in the field.

How does InsightLoop support service department KPIs?

InsightLoop's Dashboard integrates with various backend systems, offering a complete detailed performance overview and a view of crucial KPIs (e.g., First-Time Fix Rate) identifying service bottlenecks and trending equipment and customer issues.

Who can use InsightLoop?

InsightLoop caters to mid to large-sized global service companies spanning industries like Manufacturing, Medical Equipment, Energy & Utilities, and Consumer Products. It supports companies dealing with extensive and dispersed data, organizing it for informed, data-driven decision-making.

Does InsightLoop utilize ChatGPT?

To interpret user input and provide responses, InsightLoop uses a mix of our in-house trained models and OpenAI. Each customer has their secure instance of OpenAI. We ensure data privacy by not storing any customer data with OpenAI and keeping each instance separate.

What's the pricing for InsightLoop?

InsightLoop provides a tailored, customizable solution that adjusts to your specific needs. We have two main components: the InsightLoop engine, starting from $49,000 per year, and the InsightLoop Assistant, at $900 per user per year (minimum of 50 users). Prices may vary based on integrations, documents, and integration complexity.

Is there a trial or demo for InsightLoop?

Yes. Contact our team to get a demo and see the solution and your added value in detail.

How does InsightLoop integrate with other systems?

InsightLoop seamlessly integrates with various systems, including SAP S4, Salesforce, IFS, or custom in-house solutions, adapting to your system landscape. The integration process takes 48 hours to one week, depending on the number of points.

What is the process for importing our data into your system?

To get your data into our system, we start by understanding your service process and identifying key system and data points crucial for monitoring and improving field service tasks. Once identified, our APIs swiftly integrate with your existing or multiple systems where the data resides, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

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