Workforce Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure Timely and Efficient Allocation
of Personnel and Resources

Dispatching is required in 57% of incoming calls. Efficient field service scheduling and dispatching are critical for success.

Scheduling field service operations can be tricky due to unexpected problems like truck breakdowns or employee sickness. Real-time automated scheduling helps you efficiently allocate your resources to save time and money while maintaining excellent customer service. By managing work orders effectively, you can keep your customers happy and reduce costs.

Maximize Results with the Right Engineer, Parts, and Job

Simplify scheduling and dispatching with SAP Workforce Management software's drag-and-drop interface and advanced capabilities.

The platform enhances planning by visually indicating work order placement and highlighting potential impacts on SLAs and scheduled activities.

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Key features of advanced Workforce Scheduling by SAP:

  • Access historic customer data
  • Track essential assets
  • Prioritize service calls
  • Achieve shorter response times
  • Manage complex shift schedules
  • Send real-time data to office staff in the back office
  • Adjustments made easy through drag-and-drop
  • Visibility of travel time
  • Match job requirements with technician skills, availability, and coverage to find the right technician for the right job
  • Customize your planning list to display essential information, such as work order status, address, equipment, SLA, customer data and custom fields



Scheduling Efficiency with Total Visibility

The drag-and-drop dispatch console boosts visibility and streamlines task assignment and technician scheduling.

Not only is scheduling simplified, but the caliber of service and the customer satisfaction improve measurably. The overall increase in efficiency and output also leads to a higher profit margin.

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The drag-and-drop scheduling, dispatching and planning feature lets you:

  • Schedule multiple work orders simultaneously
  • Map job locations and track current status
  • Real-time access to all necessary information
  • Avoid unforeseen costs
  • Easily allocate planned assignments to available technicians
  • Receive regular updates during maintenance work



Skill Management For Advanced Workforce Scheduling

The Workforce Scheduling Tool assigns the most suitable field service technician to each field service visit, reducing travel time and frustration for your mobile workforce and providing quick responses and high first-time-fix rates for your customer base.

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With advanced scheduling and dispatching you can:

  • Assign jobs based on technicians' specific skills and expertise
  • Dispatch the ideal technician for user-defined service calls
  • Consider service region, technician location, best route planning, and skill set
  • Improve communication between all staff members



Boost Your Return on Investment by +15% with AI

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), auto-scheduling has become more intelligent. Using advanced algorithms, field service providers can optimize scheduling, planning, and dispatching in real-time.

This boosts efficiency, productivity, and resource utilization, leading to a significant ROI increase by reducing costs.

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Intelligent auto-scheduling lets you:

  • Simultaneously optimize multiple jobs thanks to intelligent algorithms
  • Send automated notifications to field service teams, which include necessary tools and parts, on their mobile devices
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your field service business
  • Meet your key delivery metrics



Plan and Manage Complex Services and Installations with Gantt Charts

Gantt charts simplify the management of long-cycle field service projects that require specific resources and expertise over an extended period.

This streamlines project planning, job scheduling and workforce management, enabling technicians to start work immediately without logistical delays.

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Gantt charts make it easy to:

  • Drag and drop tasks into a chart
  • Manage long-cycle service projects and installations
  • Organize large field service teams for multi-day on-site work orders



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