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Workforce Scheduling
& Field Service Dispatching

Get the right people to the right place, on time, with the parts they need.

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When scheduling and planning field service operations, it is not always easy to account for unexpected variables. Truck breakdowns, employee illness, and field service visits that take longer than expected can result in costly delays and setbacks. With real-time, automated workforce scheduling, planning and dispatching, you can efficiently allocate your available human resources to maximize output and minimize costs. This also ensures that your customer service never suffers because of unpredictable circumstances.

Keeping your customers happy is easy when you manage work orders to maximize available manpower.


Of All Calls

57% of all incoming calls require dispatching. Efficient scheduling and dispatching is a winning factor.


Service Focus

97% of consumers said customer service is important to their choice or loyalty to a brand.



Customers report of a success rate of 92% in meeting response times.

Field Service Scheduling Drag-and-Drop Interface

Right Engineer + Right Parts + Right Job = Best Results

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, SAP workforce management software makes scheduling and dispatching easy. No matter if your scheduling process is manual, interactive, or fully automated and AI-powered, the advanced scheduling capabilities make dispatching easier to manage and increase first-time fix rate.

Coresystems’ workforce management platform helps planners by providing a visual indication of where a certain work order should be placed. This ensures that you don’t miss your customers’ SLAs.

Visual feedback on the planning board lets you see jobs that are running overtime, which might potentially impact other scheduled activities.

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Advanced workforce scheduling by SAP makes it easy to:

  • access customer history data
  • track essential assets
  • prioritize important service calls

    manage complex shift schedules

  • relay real-time job status information to the back office

  • easy to make adjustments using a drag-and-drop interface

  • visibility of travel time

  • matching of job requirements with technician’s skillset

  • find the technician that best suits a certain job by taking into account, skillsets, availability, coverage

  • a fully customizable planning list lets you view the information that is important for you (work order status, address, equipment, SLA and custom fields)


Take the Stress Out of Scheduling with Total Visibility

The drag-and-drop dispatch console offers increased visibility and transparency. This makes it easier and more efficient to assign tasks and schedule field service technicians. Not only is scheduling simplified, but the caliber of service and the customer experience improve measurably. The overall increase in efficiency and output also leads to a higher profit margin.

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The drag-and-drop scheduling, dispatching and planning feature lets you:

  • simultaneously schedules multiple work orders
  • incorporate a map complete with job locations and current job status
  • review all the information you need in real-time
  • avoid unnecessary additional costs due to unexpected circumstances
  • synchronize data so you can easily allocate your planned assignments with available field service technicians
  • receive regular status updates while field service maintenance work is ongoing
  • get an instant overview of your field technicians on a map
Field Service Scheduling Skill Management Best Matching Technician

Skill Management For Advanced Workforce Scheduling

The Workforce Scheduling Tool makes sure that the nearest and best-qualified service technician is sent to each field service visit. Your field service technicians will appreciate the decrease in travel time and frustration with unfamiliar repair issues. Your customers will appreciate the quick responses and first-time-fix rate!

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With advanced scheduling and dispatching you can:

  • take into account skills and expertise specific to certain technicians when assigning jobs
  • dispatch the best technician for user-defined service calls
  • set factors like service region, technician location, best routes and skill set
  • advanced filters let you narrow down and view only what is really important to you
Field Service Auto Scheduling & Dispatching Artificial Intelligence

Increase Your Return on Investment by +15% with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), auto-scheduling has become more intelligent. Using advanced algorithms, field service providers are able to optimize scheduling, planning and dispatching in real-time. The result is smoother and swifter operations and the best possible utilization of all your available resources. The increase in efficiency and productivity translates directly into a sizable return on your investments. 

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Intelligent auto-scheduling lets you:

  • simultaneously optimize multiple jobs thanks to intelligent algorithms
  • send automated notifications to technicians, which include necessary tools and parts, on their mobile devices
  • increase the speed and efficiency of your field services
  • meet your key delivery metrics

Use Gantt Charts to Plan and Manage Complex Services and Installations

Long-cycle field service projects have an added level of complexity. They necessitate the availability of specific resources and expertise over an extended period of time. With Gantt charts it is easy to manage more complicated long-term service and installation projects. This means that technicians can get started immediately rather than waste time coordinating logistics. Project planning and workforce management has never been easier.

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Gantt charts make it easy to:

  • drag and drop tasks into a comprehensive chart
  • manage long cycle service projects and installations
  • organize large teams for multiple days on site

All-in-one Field Service Software for your entire team.
Make it a core moment.

Crowd Service

Coresystems and SAP have pioneered 'Crowd Service' – which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find available field service technicians in real-time.

Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software

Great field service no longer revolves around reacting to a failure. With our intuitive technology and enhanced processes, you can proactively manage field resources, and be better prepared to resolve your customer issues in advance of failures.

Field Service Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Delivering exceptional service is tougher today than it's ever been. With analytics, you can make your service more efficient, effective, and more closely aligned with your customers' needs.

Customer Self-Service

SAP's Customer Self-Service Portal is a knowledge base and customer portal all in one. With the easy-to-use code scanner function, your customers can quickly access product or equipment information or initiate service calls in a more efficient manner.

Field Service Knowledge Management

Customer satisfaction begins with employee expertise. With Smartforms, you can ensure that your employees have the insight and information necessary to deliver high-quality service in any situation.

Work Order Management Software

Great service means being in the right place at the right time. With Workforce Management Material you can link parts to warehouses in real-time, so your field service technicians have a better chance of getting it right the first time. You can also track service vehicles for improved resource management and response times.

Mobile Field Service Management Software & App

Customers demand a level of service which is difficult to execute in paper form. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which organizations operate in the field in this age of the empowered customer.

Integrations and Cloud

SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS application, yet offers seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications. Best of all, FSM comes ready for 3rd party integrations with its powerful API.

Security and GDPR

Understanding security, GDPR and personal data definition are critical for business compliance. SAP  will take any action necessary to ensure that we handle customer data in compliance with applicable law.

In the peak season, we handle more than 20 assignments per day. Due to incidents that cannot be planned, such as technical malfunctions or «surprises», the schedule changes very often and very quickly. The use of field service allows us to be flexible without having to make countless phone calls to the service technician.
Dani Mühlebach, Managing Director

Perfect moments are core moments.

Best-in-class companies have transformed their service organization by focusing on the customer. Coresystems helps you to make every part of your service process more human and efficient - from first contact to happy customer and beyond.

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